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Dear Lidia,

You told me once that your desire to do the best job you could for your residents came from your heart as well as your mind.
I doesn't take long for residents and their relatives to learn what that means.
We have all been so thankful that we found you to take care of my mother.

Your individual and personalized care was so much better than that found in the traditional
Assisted Living or Convalescent Care Facility.

The last night we were there we smiled when the man from Neptune Society asked what room number my mother was in.
She wasn't in Room 3, she was in Ellen's room. When eating became such a challenge you showed so much patience trying different foods and methods of preparation to get her to eat what she could. And of course, you sat next to her working with one spoonful at the time.

My mother and her clothes were always clean. The combing and brushing of her hair had to feel good of her. Everything you do is to make the resident feel the best they can with their condition.
Please thank your husband and daughter for everything they did for me and my mother. We always felt that we were part of a wonderful family.

I have no idea when Lidia slept the last ten days of my mother's life as she constantly saw that her medications were meticulously administrated, position varied, clothing and bedding changed, and hygiene taken care promptly.
Lidia Budean of Rosemont Senior Care Home will always have our gratitude for treating my mother as she would her own mother.

Lidia has patience, skills, experience and a commitment to her residents that is absolutely outstanding.
Because my mother had a love of the outdoors and music, Lidia frequently had her out on the back patio on in her room with the classical music station set to the right volume.

I would recommend Rosemont Senior Care Home to anyone needing residential care and also to include hospice care.
Thank you again for helping us so much during this time! God Bless You!


Flaviu Budean Realty